Writing Tutoring

Our English writing tutors offer private instruction for academic, business and many other objectives, both to native English speakers of all ages, from grade school to post-graduate literary capacities. We also offer specialized writing tutoring for those students who are looking to utilize English as a second language (ESL). Our tutors provide a wide range of services, from tutelage in basic and complex grammar to exercises that focus on integration of vocabulary to complete essay writing. Keen attention is paid to both English sentence construction as well as to organization from a high-level perspective to ensure that compositions are lucid and cohere to the topics and goals at hand. Our writing tutors have experience both in academic and business contexts, have written journalistic articles, works of non-fiction, novels, poetry, screenplays, literary analysis and business plans, and thus are highly proficient with business, scholarly and artistic endeavors. Furthermore, they are expert at simplifying the writing process for better learning and more efficacy in meeting standards, including academic tests and pro-forma business objectives and briefs. Some of the many writing services our tutors provide to clients and students both in New York City and globally are:

Essay Writing
Writing for Academic Testing
ESL Writing
Business Writing
Business Plan Writing
Legal Writing
Poetry Writing
Expository Writing
Journalistic Writing